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The Diaspora Medallion of the Bank of Albania

  • Title: The Diaspora Medallion of the Bank of Albania
    Year: 2018
    Technique: Ultra high relief
    Size: 4 cm
    *The medallion is under the process of negotiations for its realization in an open international tender.



Both the obverse and the reverse form a unified concept and complement the meaning of each other. 

The obverse portrays the painful drama of an exodus, of having to leave one’s homeland, of departing from the family and friends, of being uprooted and settling somewhere in an unknown place somewhere in the world out there. The idea is projected in the mind of the viewer through the rhythm of silhouettes that repeats in constant movements around the globe. The effect is more pronounced in the 01D version, taking into account that the details of the portraits are erased/cut, I move away from the personalization of the individual and render him/her as a concept that evidences the idea instead of the object. 

The reverse addresses another aspect, the return of the diaspora to the homeland, an idealistic return filled with contribution, love and legacy of rich values and innovative ideas. This is presented in both emotional and conceptual terms in our globe. The eagle and the red colour of our flag, a map of the region and Albania coloured in red, at the heart of the two-headed eagle. It is surrounded by verses of our National Awakening poets, who longingly sing to the love for the homeland, the language, the flag, and national unity. 

The two sides of the medallion would be incomplete without each other. Therefore this variant is conceived as one, a unique concept.

The Second Summit of the Albanian Diaspora was held from 28 February– 2 March 2019 at the EXPO City, Tirana. The Summit was organized by the Albanian Government and was attended by prominent Albanian personalities from business, science, art and culture communities abroad. The Bank of Albania was also part of these activities organized for the Second Summit of the Albanian Diaspora. On this occasion we prepared a dedicated sculpture of the Diaspora medallion.

On 2 March 2019, the Bank of Albania presented these items in a dedicated booth at the library of Lezha, on the occasion activities commemorating the 575th anniversary of the League of Lezha. His Excellency, President of the Republic Mr. Ilir Meta, visited the library in the company of the Mayor of Lezha Municipality and other personalities.

At Mr.Kreshnik Xhiku atelier, artist, sculptor. During the final works of the sculpture.